At Harac Consulting, We Build Bottom Lines.

We are a startup. Len has helped to organize and establish a business plan/strategy that gets our product to market. Len has also assisted in establishing Policy's and Procedures along with credit lines that are critical to our success.
- Jim L.

Len Harac took our early prototype invention and brought it to life! Soon he will help us bring it to market! He has a realistic approach and understands how other people think. Len Harac brings a broad set of skills to help the new inventor. He also has the ability to get to the right people in companies who can make decisions while we cannot get past the operator. Thank you Len!
- Allen F.

Harac consulting has turned this season from a potential disaster to our most profitable year ever. By cutting costs and increasing our profit margin we are poised to be in much better shape this year compared to last year, even though our gross sales dropped almost 20%. Len has worked closely in every aspect of our business and has greatly improved the way we do business in every division. Its very comforting to have someone trust worthy to rely on. Thank you for everything!
- Craig A.

My company has been working with Len (Harac Consulting) over the past year as we are selling our company. I can't say enough about the professionalism of his company and his overall expertise when it comes to negotiation and business strategy. He has provided invaluable consulting services for my business and in a personal venture as well. I wouldn't make another big business move without using Harac Consulting first.
- Tony M.

Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. ( has retained Harac Consulting from when our company was a one-man business run from a home basement office, through today. As the company grew (in no small part to Harac’s guidance), the range of services and expertise available from Harac became integral with our success. As a small business, finding Investors, strategizing and prioritizing options, executive screening, and good business practices were the fundamentals Harac brought. Startups like ours typically have a non-business person in charge (inventor, creator, code writer). Because the best idea will fail without a business to back it, the oversight of Harac Consulting “kept us alive” long enough to get to build a sustainable business and get us to the next level.
- Bruce M.

I have been using the services of Harac Consulting for over ten years. In addition to my successful intellectual property law practice I am an owner and director of several companies and enterprises that Mr. Harac has advised and significantly helped. Harac Consulting has helped raise money successfully for my ventures and well advised us in managing finances. Mr. Harac has helped in collections; wind down process, mergers and acquisitions, business advice, and many other important areas of our businesses. Harac’s experience, knowledge, reputation, and connections are second to none. I completely recommend Harac Consulting.
- Richard B.

As a corporate attorney, I frequently work with company consultants. Len Harac of Harac Consulting is among the very best. He is extremely focused and practical in his approach to finding solutions and in dealing with complicated issues. Len listens to his clients and finds solutions that meet his clients' business goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Harac Consulting to any of my clients--I know they will be well-served by Len.
- Alan Z.

Len Harac and his team of professionals have proven to be incomparable as a " ONE -STOP- SHOP " solution to so many corporate problems and needed improvements in the over-all operation of our companies. I highly recommend Dr. Harac for any project or undertaking that demands quick solid results with cost conscious considerations.
- Dominic C.

Len helped us out of a really tight spot. Things were going downhill until he came around and fixed the way our company runs - turning it from a company on the verge of bankruptcy into a company that can turn a profit. I would highly recommend Harac Consulting to anyone that is looking to improve the way their business is run, in the good times and the bad times.