At Harac Consulting, We Build Bottom Lines.
About Harac Consulting

As President of Harac Consulting, Dr. Harac has been providing strategic and tactical business consulting since 1985. Their motto 'We build bottom lines' defines their mission. Dr. Harac works principally with senior management in small to mid-size companies, ideally identifying and developing profit centers. His focus is on finding the proverbial “path through the trees” with respect to one thing – profitability. This entails a comprehensive business and personnel review and subsequent recommendations for improving efficiency and focus. Dr. Harac helps implement his recommendations by authoring a strategic and tactical plan and providing interim management to achieve the plan’s goals. The plan centers on key areas which typically require development:

    Time management
    Effective use of personnel and resources
    Identification of strategic partners and/or investors
    Getting to decision makers
    Setting up systems, policies and procedures
    Identifying and training key management
    Creating repeatable, expandable profit centers
    Contract negotiation

Dr. Harac has a wide range of experience over an array of industries. His extensive network of powerful strategic alliances makes him a valuable asset to growing companies.